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Tour de Georgia: Brasstown Showdown!

If you're fortunate enough to be someplace where you can follow today's stage to Brasstown Bald, like standing on Brasstown Bald or something, good for you: this is going to be one amazing day. For the only time this year, the US is playing host to a real battle between two top-shelf Pro Tour teams, Phonak and Discovery, two riders in Floyd Landis and Tom Danielson, both of whom are fully motivated (as opposed to back in March), and which battle will be fought on the slopes of a legendary climb.

The good news is, although the race is on now, nobody will be playing their cards before the Brasstown climb -- this is Discovery's patent, and Phonak is the team most prone to copying it. So don't feel the need to keep refreshing your browser to see if the early breakaway is coming back.

And consider this an open thread for Georgia Talk.

100 km to go now...