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Bettini trash talk: An opposing viewpoint.

It seems as if Paolo Bettini has endured more than his fair share of negative attention in this blog.  I know he can be a tad overconfident (when Cipo did this he was considered colorful), but let's face it he is an enormous talent in any one-day race.  I know he took some heat for plowing Cookie into the barriers at last year's Tour.  I've watched the replay of this a few times, and it could have been incidental, especially in the heat of a sprint finish. Lets just say for the sake of argument it was intentional.  It's a common move to close down the inside lane, and it is far less reprehensible than some of the crap a rather popular Robbie McEwen has pulled.  I personally enjoy his riding style.  He wins with well timed attacks and an ungodly burst of speed.  He has raced injured and his fitness is always top notch. I certainly appreciate his sense of style with his gold bike and helmet honoring his Olympic road championship.  I also can't forget the image of the Cricket fighting through a mob of reporters at the end of Milan San Remo so he could embrace his teammate Pozzatto.  In my opinion he's a class guy, a great champion and someone I would enjoy a couple ice cold Moretti's with.