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Techs-Mechs: Pinarello takes Ardennes Double

Alejandro Valverde captured his second Ardennes classic in the past 5 days today on his Pinarello Paris-FP Carbon bike. The Paris Carbon FP is a High Modules 46HM 3k uni-directional "hydroformed" mononcoque frame. Hydroforming is a unique shaping process that uses ridges in high stress areas over more traditional butting. A 56 cm Paris FP weighs in at 990 grams so this is certainly a lightweight by any standards.

More on the flip:

The Paris FP also employs the Onda (wavy) FP all carbon fork with a 1 1/8 steerer tapering to 1 1/4' at the crown for extra durability.  Another unique feature on all FP model Pinarello's is the M.O.ST bottom bracket. The Most BB is 55 mm in diameter with extra large bearings for smoothness and a larger overall diameter for extra stiffness.

Valverde builds his frame with a full Campagnolo Record Carbon group and rolls out on Campy Bora Carbon wheels. Deda Newton is the bar/stem of choice for Caisse d'Epargne and Deda Elementi supplies the team with Olimpico tubulars.

Pinarello is no stranger to the victory circle and despite their rich heritage, the Paris Carbon FP is a truly modern race machine. The Carbon frames are built in Japan, where carbon technology is arguably the best in the world. I happen to be the owner of three Pinarello's, so I'm obviously happy to see Fausto and the boys back on the podium.