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Liege... LIVE!

Damn, the computer screen is bright at this hour... but hey, I'm home, there's unlimited coffee, Steffen Wesemann is off the front again, and Brian Smith is explaining why two people are dressed as giant milk bottles. Let's go LIVE to the action!

  • 80 km to go and everyone is looking at CSC to bring in the breakers. They're ambling over the Stockeu...
  • The Stockeu is part of Prof. Wilcockson's "bermuda triangle" of climbs where the pretenders disappear for good. Wesemann is looking at 3.4 km of tempo as he mounts the 6% Cote du Haute Levee.
  • There are a couple dozen chasers 40 seconds back, though I've yet to work out if the CSC glut are in the chasers or the main peloton....?
  • I'm not bitter or anything, but it's worth noting that the Classics have had almost nothing but lovely weather this year. Crap weather is sort of a hallmark, with stories of Bernard Hinault on the attack at Liege in a snowstorm. Which sounds more like the "LBL of the Northwest" I rode in... but I'm not bitter. Pierrick Fedrigo pulls over with a puncture to either his tire or his will,
  • Anthony with the reset: CSC mostly missed the break of 25, which then coughed up Wesemann... but there's a sense that it's coming back soon.
  • Jens Voigt is tring to bring Wesemann back, no doubt not relishing another two-man with a T-Mobile rider. This defies expectations that T-Mobile would be leading the chasing group.
  • 75 km to go, and Wesemann has 1'25" on the chasing group, who are kind of a mess. Peloton at 2'40". Wesemann isn't fooling around, it's all or nothing. UPDATE: make that nothing. the pack just chewed a minute off the ultimate gap.
  • Is it time to make fun of TC for sleeping in this morning? Sounds like a big yes! Speaking of sleeping, Rabo earn Brian's credit for riding more intelligently this week. IN other words, they haven't exploded from chasing dangerous breaks they slept through.
  • A Rik Verbrugge sighting! As the pack sprints up a 4km climb, I have to wonder how many people have been inspired by the peloton to take up the sport, thinking "that doesn't look too hard..."?
  • CSC have just brought it all together except for Wesemann 1'20 up the road. This year, at least, the Bermuda Triangle hasn't sorted out much. Next year ASO will have to throw a few more climbs in there. On cue, we've got a JM LeBlanc sighting. Somewhere in Georgia, Lance Armstrong is flipping off his laptop.