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Liege LIVE -- 2nd Thread

  • They're over the 4km Rosier, the Vecquee is across the valley looming, then a long descent to La Redoute. Nicholas Portal crashes out briefly, remounts... and wins the race! Wait, there's another 60 km. 50 Seconds to Wesemann...
  • People sure are holding on to their cards this morning. Well, except T-Mobile and Wesemann. Has anyone won LBL with a 70km attack lately? It's happened (Hinault in the snow, right?), but not an ideal place for it. They're through a feed zone now as they begin the Vecquee.
  • What is it about Brits that they pronounce French like English? ANthony's calling this the "veck-wee" is a bit painful. CSC laying the wood to WEsemann's chances now as the rest of the favorites start gathering. La Redoute could be where the action really begins.
  • Wesemann is done. Chris Horner doesn't wear gloves?!?!
  • A sign that the action is underway: Christophe Moreau gets shelled off the back. 51km now. La Redoute is at about 40km, or 221 km of 242 total.
  • Cycling.TV schedule -- they're carrying Romandie this Tuesday thru Sunday, one of Cycling's more beautiful races. Then it's straight back to Belgium for the Giro kickoff. Is it time to quit my day job?
  • Philippe Gilbert takes a flier! You never know unless you try. Also, FDJeux won't have much say in the later stages, so why not? Well, because it won't work, of course. Voight is about 0.5 seconds back.
  • Danilo DiLuca flips off the motorbike. He's my favorite today, but looking ill as they approach the Redoute. Riders are in descent position now, screaming down the Vecquee.
  • Some La Redoute stats: 2km long, averaging 8%.
  • The action begins! Cunego to the fore! Bettini with him!!