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Liege LIVE -- 3rd Thread

  • The attacks on La Redoute have certainly reduced the field. Cunego got it started but now Chris Horner jumps! Vino follows... and now they're together. The quality of this front group is off the charts, so it's going to be hard to get away, to say the least.
  • Shorter climb now, the 1.4km Sprimont, then a long break before the Sart-Tilman. Rodriguez takes a flier now...
  • Boogerd now. The attacks are coming here and there, and the last couple races were won by guys easing off the front in what looked like ordinary enough accelerations. But then those guys were all under 27.
  • Boogerd and Rodriguez get a half-minute as the favorites look at each other wondering who's willing to chase. 22km now, heading to the Sart-Tilman.
  • break holding steady around 29 seconds, and none of the chasers are making their move yet. 19km to go.
  • Anthony's pick is Sammy Sanchez. This brings us to our weekly tradition here where we point out that no Spaniard has ever won this race. But hey, there's a first for everything. On the Sart-Tilman now...
  • Worth mentioning that a Michael Boogerd pairing have 44 seconds with 15 to go. Might want to get a move on here? CSC???
  • Crowds kind of sparse here, and it's a lovely day. Is Belgium officially the most cycling-spoiled country in the world?
  • Maybe Boogerd is the strongest guy today, but if he stays away -- not a bad possibility right now -- it will be because the main riders slept through this one. 14km now, over the Sart-Tilman... Bettini jumps!!