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Daily Feedbag

Oh, and besides la Doyenne, all there remains to discuss is the Tour de Georgia finale, tomorrow's kickoff of the Tour de Romandie, and the lead-in to the Giro. No time for bloggers to let their fitness drop off...

  • We're still a week away from seeing anything besides the still photos and artist's conceptions on the teevee news, but apparently the Tour de Georgia was quite a race. Discovery was all over it, even making Lance sit in the support vehicle, so this would make today a good day to stop by the Paceline. Also, since stage 5 was 75% of the race, their Ask Johan feature that day should tell you all you need to know. Finally, besides the usual race recaps, TdGBlog has the skinny... cuz unlike the rest of the world they actually saw the race. Pez wuz there too.
  • CyclingNews has its Tour de Romandie preview up already. Of course, Melbourne time is like 72 hours ahead of Seattle. Also check in with the Phonak website all week; they're the home team.
  • Speaking of the Phonak site, having just ushered Floyd Landis to his third straight minor tour win, they've got tons of reaction:

What have you and the team learned over the last week?
We've learned to ride at the very front. That's much more important than it sounds. You have to learn to control a race and you also have to learn to accept responsibility and leadership. We were able to gather these important experiences here in Georgia.  The Tour de Georgia was a part of preparations for the Tour de France.

That's all the Cycling I can handle for now...