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Fabulous Falco!

Paolo Savoldelli scored a needed (if minor) win for Discovery Channel by edging out Alejandro Valverde in today's Tour de Romandie prologue in Geneva. Our preview thread contains comments that are far more enlightening than anything you'll read right now at the major sites, but so far Eurosport has pretty pictures, VeloNews has two lines of text, and CyclingNews has the top ten.

Update [2006-4-25 15:27:56 by chris]: The Paceline starts crowing in real time.

Savoldelli is one of my favorite riders, just a sharp, canny guy who gets the most out of himself at the right time. He might count as a major favorite here because he can climb enough, and the final day's ITT is turny and difficult -- just where il Falco excels. On the motivation side, he's got nothing to lose since the Giro parcours is so unfavorable to him. It's only a prologue, but like I said, it's a nice little win.