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Daily Feedbag

Sorry, missed today's Romandie stage due to my own racing, FWIW. Same story tomorrow, maybe, although if the ITT that decides the whole shootin match ends before 8:30 PDT, then perhaps we'll have something to post in real time.

  • With today's bunch finish won by... who else wins bunch sprints on mountain stages? Alejandro Valverde... well, this sets up tomorrow's ITT as a winner-takes-all match. Provided the winner is from Valverde, still-in-yellow Alberto Contador, Cadel Evans, or Jorg Jaksche, all of whom are within a half-minute of each other.
  • Paolo Savoldelli did not start today, after yesteday's stomach problems, which is a shame because he would really have enlivened tomorrow's action. Another notable, Jan Ullrich, slipped into the finish before elimination, 25 minutes back. Not bad for a training ride. And technically, it's still April.

Nuthin on the flip, it's a slow news day...