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Daily Feedbag: Flanders Wrap

Race reports were linked below, as if we need another of those. Let's see what people are saying the next morning...

  • If I could read Flemish, I'd have twenty articles on the race to choose from, most of which contain a name the Belgian press hadn't dared yet to mention: Merckx. Eurosport confirms that the Belgian press has lost its sheit and anointed Tommeke "the heir to Merckx." Somewhere there must be an interview with Axel (DNF yesterday) about this. Anyway, look for the "next Merckx" debate to dominate the press this week.
  • You'd think the Paceline would have the best scoop, since Discovery riders were the antagonists yesterday, but Chris Brewer just sticks to the facts
  • Speaking of Pez, don't miss their pre-ride with the amateurs. I know, it's a bit late for that, but I can't help plugging these personal stories.
  • Not to pile on Petacchi, but here's what he tells Bicirace:
"I dropped out after the Eikenberg. I went for 200 kilometers but I didn't have a bad feeling on the cobbles," explained Petacchi. "On the Koppenberg I had to dismount. Ahead of me, 200 meters, Zabel and Hushovd were fighting to get back on... I tried to join with them, but it was not possible... I had given up in my head."