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G-W Notes... and Davis Phinney

  • Excellent win by Thor today at G-W, he continues to impress and it's nice to see such a prestigous title added to his name. Look for a tech talk on his Team Credit Agricole Look 585 bike coming soon to a blog near you (this one..).
  • It looks like we have a fine sampling for the favorite American Roadie poll I posted. I personally voted for George because, A) I'm partial to classics guys. B) I absolutely admire his work toward keeping Lance in Yellow for the past seven years. And C) he strikes me as an all around good guy. I was a little surprised to see Lemond take more votes than Lance, I'm guessing this was due to his stellar career and that he was a bit of a trailblazer. I almost voted for Lance due to the mind numbing 7 straight Tour wins and an excellent early (per-cancer) career as a one day racer. I'm curious to know who did you vote for and what was your reasoning?
  • I was glad to see Davis Phinney pick up a vote. I organize a charity ride in the fall called the "Great Pancake Ride" which is a metric century followed by a homemade pancake breakfast (traditional pancakes and some seriously delicious multigrain ones that my wife Meg cooks up)with real VT maple syrup and sausages (pork and vegetarian). The proceeds from this the event go to the Davis Phinney Foundation which is dedicated to improving the lives of people suffering from Parkinson's Disease (

As you may know Davis was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the age of 41. He had a nice note sent to Meg and I that his admin wrote. Davis has unfortunately lost the abilty to write. This organization is near and dear to us, since Meg's Mother has struggled with the disease for over 10 years.

I invite you all to attend this event if you happen to be in Massachusetts the first weekend in November and please visit Davis' website if you would like to contribute on your own.