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Daily (actually, overnight) Feedbag: Paris-Roubaix Edition

More previews, and lots of who's-racing-where...

  • Pez's much-awaited preview has hit the streets. Apart from the usual hands-on report and photos, Pez slips in a weather report: rain before, sunny during... mud either way.
  • No Saul Raisin updates since this morning, which hopefully is good news. CA's website is worthless. But I did find Saul's website, which just has the earlier bad news but might be a source of updates later. Or a place to send well-wishes.
  • See how the people of Flandre spruce up the P-R Cobbles, hands-on style. CyclingNews -- which is on a roll this week -- also promises a tech review of the Roubaix bikes (48 hours after Podium Cafe).
  • Rather than pointing you to the sporadic lineups at the news sites, check out Cycling's most accurately named website,, where they claim to have a full, confirmed lineup.