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Paris-Roubaix new thread

  • Collective depression among Hincapie fans. To clarify, Hincapie's fork sheared off right where it meets the head tube. Maybe fate wants him to concentrate on the Tour.
  • Brian has contacted Sean Yates, though Yates isn't sure what happened yet. The Brit peloton alums are a tight-knit lot. They're plugging Pez now, everyone gets a taste!
  • Four-star cobbles now six sections to go, not to mention 25KM. Boonen, Cancellara, Flecha, Ballan, Hoste, Van Petegem...
  • Gusev crashes and takes out Ballan!! Gusev almost back on, Ballan rejoining. What action!!
  • Gusev and Ballan are a car-length behind... literally. Now the car moves aside and he rejoins. Back on the cobbles now, nearly 3km of bumps here with a short break. Why did Gusev go down? He lost control of his front wheel, maybe tired or lost concentration. He's actually having trouble rejoining, showing understandable fatigue. Maybe Hoste should get off the front (ya think?)
  • Gusev rejoins!! The plot thickens as Disco have numbers again.
  • Back on the pave now. Gusev on the front, softening up the group? Not sure how possible that is. Cancellara and Gusev have a small gap coming through a tight corner, on the attack! Has this got a chance? No response from Boonen, Eisel, Van P, Flecha...
  • Cancellara and Gusev have 10 seconds. Four cobble sections left. Boonen isn't looking like a winner just yet.