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Paris-Roubaix Results Thread

From today's incredible Pro Cycling Tour event:

1. Fabien Cancellara, Team CSC, 6:07 -ish
2. Leif Hoste, Discovery Channel, at @45 seconds
3. Peter Van Petegem, Davitamon-Lotto, s.t.
4. Vladimir Gusev, Discovery Channel, s.t.
5. Tom Boonen, Quick-Step, at @1.15

Update [2006-4-9 12:32:2 by chris]: In an incredible development, Hoste, Van Petegem and Gusev have been disqualified for not waiting for the trian! Making it 1. Cancellara; 2. Boonen; 3. Ballan. Wait to see how this unfolds...