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Daily Feedbag: Paris-Roubaix Edition

This is a bit tardy... but you can never get enough Paris-Roubaix preview action, right?

  • CyclingNews serves up a platter of pre-race thoughts from the peloton. For a race held entirely in France, you'd think they could make a token effort to talk to at least one French rider...
  • BTW, the "Bikes of Hell" special tech section CN has been promising apparently boils down to Boonen's Time VXS. Why should the tech focus be any broader than the race focus?
  • More P-R Saturday specials at Bicirace, including a reference to Peter Van Petegem as "the Godfather." Coming from Franco and co., this is significant, and if Boonen kisses his ring before the start, I'm betting Sage's college fund on De Peet. Eurosport, meanwhile, efficiently does all its reporting from Quick Step HQ.
  • In case you weren't satisfied by Sean Kelly's report, Pez taps Steve Bauer's memory for more Paris-Roubaix insight. More like memoirs of a Canadian has-been really. Cooler than it sounds!