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We Will Be Live from Compiegne Sunday!!

Well, not quite literally, as in, on the scene. But thanks to Cycling.TV's service, I will be rolling out of bed at 6am PDT even if Sage is still sleeping, and unless the laptop can't stream on Firefox while blogging on Safari, we will have a rolling commentary going during the race.

The significance of this, to our U.S. readers at least, is that unlike last week, we will be posting results long before OLN comes on. If you don't want to know the results until watching on OLN, stay away from here after 7am Pacific.

As much as possible, if any Pro Tour race is airing or streaming live in the US, we will cover it in real time, rather than waiting for tape-delayed TV. Last week there was no live coverage, and I prefer going into blackout mode for 8 hours over reading the live text updates. But at the rate things are going with continuously expanding its live coverage (Amstel, Giro, no word yet on Liege or la Fleche), we may be posting live all summer.