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The Next Generation of Sprinters..?

There is no doubt that there are plenty of talented young GC guys out there to make the Grand Tours exciting for the next several years.  However with 32 year-old Alesandro Petacchi nursing a broken knee, Zabel on the north side of 35 and McEwen. although still winning, not getting any younger either, where will the next Super Mario/Ale-Jet come from?  Valverde and Boonen certainly have the afterburners to win races, but Boonen is really a classics guy and Valverde will continue to focus on his overall skills.  To me, there was nothing more exciting than watching Petacchi and his blue train crush all would be contenders, but I fear those days are nearing an end.  Who's the heir apparent?  Hushvold? Baden Cooke? JJ Haedo?  Thoughts?