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Sacchetto dell'Alimetazione Quotidiano

The Sacchetto will be a little light this week (don't want to gain weight during the rest week). Expect lots of team rosters and stories about riders testing stages or equipment. [yawn]

  • These "Team X Announces their Giro Lineup" stories kind of make me feel bad for the journalists, who clearly have nothing better to do than to try to make copy out of a list of nine names.... knowing all along that History's Greatest Website has already made a mockery of their pitiful effort.
  • Stefano Garzelli is skipping the Giro, nominally to focus on the Tour. He won in 2000, but hasn't been able to defeat both doping control and Gilberto Simoni in the same year since then. Anyway, the solution to his troubles is apparently to focus on the Tour. Nice sprint win in Germany yesterday though!
  • The Daily Peloton is first out of the gate with their Ivan Basso profile. Expect another 25 of the same in the coming days.