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Giro d'Italia Resources

The Giro is only days away, and if you're like most people reading this site, you've lost all reasonable hope of getting any work done this month. Even though it's only the second day. I'm not condoning this, but since you're going to do it anyway, here's an assortment of resources you're gonna need.

  • The Official Giro Site is frankly a huge disappointment. Not only is it entirely in Italian, but I swear E3 Prijs Vlaanderen spent more effort and money on their site than the world's second-biggest race.
    [update] Sarah catches the Gazzetta Dello Sport site, which is the de facto official English site. For La Gazzetta's place in Giro lore, see "history."
  • TV coverage... My Italian is paltry, but apparently Eurosport is broadcasting the race live. I don't think that means we can watch in the states though. Also, I've been surfing the RAI Italian TV site to no avail. Last year they streamed the race live. That leaves our old friends at the Outdated Life Network. Streaming six days a week via, and making us wait on Sundays for their studio show.
  • If you can muddle through in Italian, I am assuming TuttoBici will be a font of info. The English version is hosted by our old friends at BiciRace, who have one of the first generic previews up.
  • For your history lesson, check out, as always, Wikipedia. Or wait for Professor Wilcockson to publish again.
  • I haven't been paying much attention to these guys, but for a rundown of the facts, there's Cycling4All.
  • For generic previews, there's CyclingNews, like a comfy old sweater, as well as a five-month-old preview filed at the Daily Peloton back when the route was announced.