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Stage 13 Open Thread

Today is my last day in exile, which is a relief, but given the course I really wish I'd earned a day or two off for good behavior. The road goes up this afternoon, although only once really and not til the end, but it's 10 km up to the Colle San Carlo... enough to start the hostilities. With most of the climbers well back of Basso, they won't want to wait for the mega-stages starting Wednesday; they'll be looking to attack today and tomorrow, even if the lack of an uphill finish means the final gaps might be small.

Of course, today's fast 7km descent to the line has everyone calling this stage for il Falco, but he has to get to the Colle with the leaders for that to happen. Should be great action... I can't wait to watch the replay silently in a hotel tonight. Ugh.