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THE Climb

We'll be live all morning tomorrow as the peloton heads toward destiny on the Plan de Corones, which somehow is not in Spain. Rather than live-blogging as a series of constant chatter by me, I thought today's format of an open thread with all of you commenting was far better, actually it's exactly what we've been trying to build here. Not to prattle on, but I don't know enough about Cycling to use this as a grandstand for myself, and anyway the point of blogs is for people of common interests to get together and talk. So we'll be up and running when signs on, if not sooner, and I hope to get lots of company again.

Also, now that I have your attention, it's a good time to remind y'all that you should feel free to post diaries if you want to take the pen yourself. Anything that fits the lineup will get promoted to a post. Thanks...