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Stage 17 Open Thread!!!

They've talked about it in hushed tones for months. Mechanics across the Cycling landscape have stocked up on triple chainrings. David Millar timed his doping ban so he wouldn't have to ride it. It's the 24% Plan De Corones!  In an hour or two from now. There's plenty of other climbing going on as well. I'm going with an upset special today: Tom Danielson will be Basso's runner up! Let's all get to the action, eh?

Update [2006-5-24 9:15:47 by chris]: The stage has been neutered as miserable weather atop the Plan de Corones has forced the race organizers to cancel the last 5.5 km, the part with the 24% section. No doubt riders are looking around for team cars with their double-chainring climbing bikes. So now it is the Passo Delle Erbe they're skipping. The Corones finish is on for now. This is increasingly hard to follow.