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A Little Housekeeping

Our regular participants here, forgive me for this repetitive message, but since we get numerous new visitors every day, it's worth repeating...

Take a look at the comments in the live open threads for the last few stages if you want to know what this site's purpose is. It's very gratifying to me (shared I'm sure by co-founders Drew and Van P) to see people forming on-line roundtables to cover the stages as they unfold. I'm happy posting as often as I can, but the group is 5x as funny and 10x as knowledgeable as I could ever be just posting. If you're a reader of Daily Kos (political grandfather of SportsBlogs), you'll see the same dynamic: the open commentaries are hysterical and incredibly sharp.

Everyone reading should feel free to jump into the fray here... our open threads aren't any set group of folks but rather whoever feels like commenting. It's great to see a group of seasoned, well-informed regulars evolving, it makes the commentary even better, but nobody should feel left out. Join the threads, write diaries... as little or as much as you like. Thanks!

Update [2006-5-26 19:2:57 by chris]: Another housekeeping matter: Apparently there's an html code where links will open in a new window, rather than leaving the current page to go to the link. Seems like this would be a better way to do the feedbag, right? If you check out multiple links, it'd be nice to keep the 'bag there on-screen as you go through each. Anyway, just a heads-up, don't be surprised when this starts happening. Assuming I can figure it out.