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Tour of Belgium

Today was a split stage, which usually riders hate, though apparently exceptions are made for races in mostly flat countries.

Stage 3a, the morning bit, was a 16km time trial where Discovery bagged the three top spots. Devolder first, Hoste at :04, and Van Den Brouck at :15. The overall leader, whose name I'll cut and paste... Maarten Tjallingii (whew!), was 8th at :36, not bad, while last year's winner Tom Boonen was 10th at :44, putting him 25 seconds behind... hang on... Maarten Tjallingii (whew!) overall.

Boonen got ten bonus seconds back on... just a sec... Maarten Tjallingii (whew!), in the afternoon's 111km road race with an easy sprint win over Max Van Heeswijk. Maarten Tjallingii (whew!) finished 7th with the usual suspects. So it's you-know-who versus Boonen versus a horde of Disco riders for the remaining two stages.