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Addicted to Watching Cycling Video?

Just a quick plug here for a recently-emerging resource we haven't talked about: This is a video streaming service of Cycle Sport Mag, the people who put out all the race DVDs we've been using to get us through long hours on the trainer all these years.

Well, like Cycling.TV, they have a stash of video files you can open and watch any time you like. And unlike Cycling.TV, every last one of them is available free without even needing to log in. So far they've just got the 1995 Clasica San Sebastian (Lance wins) and the 1998 Vuelta (Lance 4th in stage race comeback) is going up day by day. Still... carbon fiber, Hammer Gel in bulk, Podium Cafe, and now free, on-demand video of classic races... this new millenium is off to a promising start.