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Sacchetto Finale

OK, not that this is the final feedbag, just the feedbag of the Giro finish. Some interesting reads out there...

  • Race Reports! Pez is the most colorful, while Cycling news is the most controversial. First, they compare yesterday's lovely stage to last year's un-freaking-believable finale, which is heresy. Second, they document the Simoni post-stage meltdown, a sort of annual event. Every year someone has wronged poor victim Gibo, this year somehow it's Basso.... for pedaling away from him and putting an incredible 1.17 into Simoni in the final 3km. There's a phenomenon in law where people who lodge procedural complaints do so because they have no substantive leg to stand on, but this is pathetic even by such pathetic standards. Thanks for reminding me why I've never rooted for you Gibo.
  • At least at the Tour of Belgium, nobody seems to be whining.
    Maarten Tjallingii (whew!) extended his overall lead on a stage to Huy in the Ardennes... not Boonen country.

Meanwhile, on the flip...