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Stage 21 Open Thread!

Unfortunately we can't watch live, but then again it's just a parade to a sprint anyway, with the only eventful outcome being Paolo Bettini's highly likely capture of the points jersey. Basso could shadow him through the sprint if he wanted to, but a) I'm not sure he's comfortable enough in there to stay upright; and b) it'd kind of be bad form. The Patrons don't bother with points competitions. Ultimately I seriously doubt he has any interest in anything more than wrapping up the overall, grabbing his trophy, and heading home.

As for ourselves, the stage wouldn't have made for much live blogging anyway, so the lack of live video is no big loss. However, let's use this open thread for all of your Giro impressions: surprises, disappointments, irritations, lessons learned, etc. I've got insomnia, so I'll get it started.