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Sacchetto dell'Alimetazione Quotidiano

Anticipation of the Giro builds faster and faster...

  • Podium Cafe isn't the only site walking back in time. Not to be outdone, the folckx at CyclingNews walk all the way back to the first Giro in 1908. I'm still searching for Professor Wilcockson's race report, though electronic files are a bit scant.
  • Hate to interrupt with race results... but can Quick Step lose? Not up North. Francesco Chicchi -- another U27 Project candidate -- takes stage 1 in Dunkirk. Also a legacy sighting: Nicholas Roche!

Much more on the flip:

  • Lance plans to attend the Giro stages... in Belgium. Why won't he set foot in Italy? It's a lovely place to visit.
  • More CN notes... confirming one of my first-week suspicions (however obvious): that the spring classics guys, and not the usual Italian sprinters, will be all over the Belgian stages. CN covers Davide Rebellin.