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Sevilla Pops By... a Drug Lab

From CN... there are going to be lots of problems for various riders in this case. Look, every non-doping pro rider worth his salt works with medical staff and trainers, somewhat simultaneously, to ensure proper workouts and nutrition. The science behind training, racing and recovering is very advanced, and since these guys get paid to bike, they're not gonna just thumb through the Cyclists' Training Bible to design their workouts. So we're all going to have to wait for more serious confirmation than "he knows the doctor" before assuming any level of guilt.

Besides, if Oscar Sevilla has been doping, he's doing a piss-poor job of it.

In further developments in the case, El Pais has reported that Oscar Sevilla (T-Mobile) has admitted to visiting Jose Merino's clinic at Zurbano, 92 in Madrid. After Spanish magazine Interviú reported that the Civil Guard was investigating Sevilla, T-Mobile told El Pais, "[Sevilla] has told us that it was possible that he appeared in the photographs taken by the Civil Guard at the door of the laboratory of Zurbano, 92." Sevilla admitted to receiving training programs from Ignacio Labarta, an associate of Dr Fuentes who was also arrested last week, but claimed that he had nothing to do with Fuentes. "If it turns out that he lied to us, Sevilla will have a problem."