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Sacchetto dell'Alimetazione Quotidiano

On travel all day today, and am just plugging in for the first time in 24 hours. The next two weeks are pretty discombobulated (consarn that day job!)... but I doubt we'll miss anything important. I plan to be here live for the ITT tomorrow, if not every stage in week 1.

Anyway, back to the feedbag... I find a lot of the pre-race copy unreadable, just bland quotes about riders promising to do their best, so there's a lot of that I won't get into here. The only collection of talking points I can't resist is BiciRace's. Meanwhile...

  • Pez heroically rides the first stage for its preview. All 6.2 km.
  • Daily history dose: Pez recalls 1960. Still waiting for that "Giro through the eyes of an obscure anglo" piece, c'mon guys!
  • CN is mostly the roundup coverage I can't get motivated to link to, but at least they can tell us what the Chicken thinks. Rasmussen is, like Riis, a Dane-gone-Italian, so he's got an interesting potential home field angle going.
  • Stole this from VeloChimp: a list of web streams, some of which might be showing the Giro. Free. [Confession time, I gave OLN my money yesterday. It's for the good of the Cafe.]
  • Sports Illustrated catches up with Lance for a splashy cover story. Is anyone else depressed by the nation's biggest sports mag focusing its cycling coverage on a guy who was last seen in a support car?