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Giro Stage 1... LIVE!!

We're finally logged into Cycling.TV, ready for action. Sean Yates is complaining about his job being difficult, and Ivan Basso is demurring to Anthony's questions. Must be cycling!

It's a glorified prologue, so I'm not going to blog this to death, but we'll try to catch the highlights. BTW, Basso is my pick for the stage, with Julich and Savoldelli close by.

  • Marzio Bruseghin leads, apparently Chechu in second by 0:14. Lots of provocative shots of the finish area. When they say the real action won't be til week 3, they're not kidding.
  • Winning time should be 8 minutes or so, right?
  • Don't forget to email for some good chatter. BTW, if you're not watching, it's Anthony and Brian, even thought this is the OLN-cast. Robbie McEwen on the fly now.
  • I know he's just here to get his miles in, but it's hard not to get really excited watching Jan Ullrich time-trialling in a grand tour.
  • Francisco Sanchez does 8:06 to take the lead by four seconds off Bruseghin.
  • I hate to feed into the hysteria, but Ullrich looks, as Brian says, "fairly chunky." Kind of depressing really. BUT!! he posts an 8:39, not too shabby for a training ride.
  • OLN, true to its demolition derby roots, rewinds the day's crashes for us. Heh heh, crash...