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Sacchetto... and Stage 2

We've gone from Sunday being the best day for watching to the worst. Why I have to pay OLN $20 and not get to see Sunday's race live is a slight mystery. Yes, I know they want me to watch their ads, on the chance that I'll tune in for kickboxing or buy steroids from John Basedow, but I still think my $20 should be the end of my obligations. And anyway, with Phil and Paul running the show this afternoon, and with our computer screen being approximately 1/15th the size of our TV, I was gonna watch anyway. Dammit.

But enough about me. Today's stage was a flat @200km ride across Belgium from the French border, but with enough of a finishing uphill to bump Alessandro Petacchi off the pace, leaving the field open to Robbie McEwen for the win, coming around Olaf Pollack. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to appreciate Petacchi, who seems to only win under ideal circumstances. Not a knock on his character; he is what he is, a monstrously powerful flats sprinter, with no versatility whatsoever.

Anyway, get your race reports from BiciRace (whom I've annointed our official news source, cuz they're faster than CN right now, and they've sent me nice emails); or if you must, veloNews, or the usually entertaining take at Pez, or bringing up the rear, CN.

Keep going... if you want more.

Not much else going on besides coverage of Savoldelli's nice win yesterday.