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A Little Light Bedtime Reading

Since I'm not in control of my schedule for the next few days, I'll probably be posting whatever, whenever I can. Nice to see people using the diaries and comments to full effect!

One item to be watched for will be Tom Danielson's diary over at CyclingNews. This could get a lot more interesting in week 3...

Also not to be missed is Pez' coverage of its own experience covering the race. It's actually kind of entertaining, but if I ever start blogging about what it's like to blog, someone please put me out of my misery.

The story of the day is Petacchi's injury and withdrawal. He's had a rotten season so far, with even Mario Cipollini questioning whether his heir was on form this week. Petacchi earned some missing respect today by gutting out a finish with a broken kneecap, earned in a crash with a good hour of racing left. Hopefully he can get back for the Tour, but he's headed for surgery in Italy tomorrow, and even if he's riding in two months, it's hard to imagine him at his legendary top speed. He may be one-dimensional, but that one dimension was exciting enough, and we'll miss it.