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Sacchetto... and Stage 4 -- the Leftovers

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In case you're wondering, I'm at a conference for a few days, one not remotely related to Cycling. It's OK, I'll be alright, I even scared up a great 2hr ride with a couple work buiddies around... I have no idea where, but someplace in Philadelphia. Anyway, it's killing the blog time, but fortunately tomorrow should be pretty uneventful.

Unlike today: haven't seen the finish, but it sounds pretty riveting, if predictable. Race story at BiciRace or maybe Pez. You and I both know where all the race stories are... Nice work by Milram, very classy tribute to their fallen leader. They're real Cyclists in every respect, even if I still think their season strategy was a non-starter.

BTW, nobody agreed with me about Gerolsteiner when we polled the ugliest team kits last month. Do you believe me yet?

Keeping us up to date at CyclingNews is the Tom Danielson Diary.

More links and quotes on the flip:

  • A must read, whenever it comes out: Samuel Abt at the IHT, today's feature being on the gamble bringing the Giro to Belgium. I also added a link to Bicycling, supposedly Cyrille Guimard contributes in July at least.
  • Robbie Mac on today's win:
The stage was tough but the win came easy," said stage winner Robbie McEwen after beating Paolo Bettini (Quick Step-Innergetic) and Alberto Loddo (Selle Italia-Serramenti Diquigiovanni) to the line.

"It was a very tough sprint but I think I won it well," added McEwen. "The last five kms were slightly downhill and so all the overall favourites for the Giro tried to stay out of trouble at the front."

McEwen told RAI-TV's Alessandro Fabretto, "I waited for the last 3km to send my team up front. In the final kilometer, I got on the Milram train and then waited for the others to start the sprint." When he heard that Alessandro Petacchi was on the telephone live on TV from Brussels Airport, gentleman Robbie reached out to his rival Petacchi, telling him "get better soon and hope to see you back on the bike soon, mate."