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Sacchetto dell'Alimetazione Quotidiano

There's a spate of non-Giro news out there this morning. Forgive me while I paraphrase CyclingNews...

  • Next biggest is that there has been some movement in the appeals of Leif Hoste, Vlad Gusev and Peter Van Petegem for their expulsion from Paris-Roubaix. I can't find any corroboration besides the CN piece, which lamely states that "the complaint has been granted" and now the next gruppetto of Boonen, Ballan and Flecha must also appear. Apparently what's been granted is not relief, but the request to have a hearing. Stay tuned.
  • While searching on Het Nieuwsbladt, I noticed a somewhat familiar looking poll. Except, there's apparently one name we forgot in ours...
  • Rumors of T-Mobile going after Bettini, in search of a Classics champ. I'm sure this will be pleasant news to Pollack, Greipel, Schleck, Klier and Sinkewicz. Clearly he and a few others need to leave Quick Step, but is Bettini banned from Italy or just too unloved there? There are a few teams back home who don't already have five options. Then again, he certainly would help the T-Mobile strategy of sending five guys into the finale and hoping something works out.