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Daily Feedbag

Excellent action in the Suisse Tour today. That Koldo Gil... he may fall two years outside the U27 Project, but he's a pretty classy rider nonetheless. He also looks like someone who sincerely wants to win the race. But those 56 seconds in hand on Ullrich won't be much in the time trial. Good race writeup here.

Slow news day otherwise...

  • Communidad Valenciana to ASO: Please take us back! We promise not to cheat on you ever again... We love the Tour, we always have. If you take us back, we promise to show it more.

Sorry 'bout that.

  • VN: Don't sweat Landis' form. Which means, of course, that Phonak is sweating like Richard Nixon in the Kennedy debate.
  • Poaching from a lot of roundup columns today, sorry. But don't miss the picture of future weatherperson Ivan Basso's sister and her impossibly long arms.
  • Always on the cutting edge of cycling events, the Paceline looks at saddle cream. And no, this is not about McGee.
  • I went to the Saunier Duval site to get some news on their pesky performance in the Suisse, only to come across the team's human rights declaration, including specific statements that each rider calls his own special motivation. For example, Oliver Zaugg's attack at the bottom of the Abulapass today was motivated by "our duty to the community." I am not making this up.