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Tour Prep Open Thread

In case you didn't notice, we are officially switched over to full-time Tour de France coverage. Other than major non-Tour stories, well... this time of year, what else is there to live for (besides the World Cup, family, FiZik saddles, linguine alle vongole, etc.)?

Leading up to the Tour, we'll be tracking who's riding, how the jersey races stack up, etc. We'll round up media info, poll your thoughts on key questions, and wax moronic poetic about the history of le Grand Boucle. You've probably already noticed the sprinkling of French language and shocking yellow sidebar colors. Getting the idea?

Definitely use the diaries for any Tour-related subject you want to bring up, poll you want answers to, etc. As always, if it's on point, we'll most likely promote it. BTW, for the style gendarmes, the new sidebar color is ffff77. Other yellows??