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The 21st Century Paceline

Our National Team's webiste has joined the media arms race: The Paceline now features Webisodes, movie-trailer style videos some 10 minutes long, chock full of really cool footage from the team cars, interviews, etc. This is their Flanders piece, but as Chris Brewer says, they've got plans to have about 20 videos up by the end of the month.

Update [2006-6-2 20:22:32 by chris]: They just put up a 10-minute clip on Paris-Roubaix.

To think, these are the guys we kidded for cutting-and-pasting mismatched heads on a race startlist team photo, two or three short months ago. Also, don't miss Ekimov, the early years. And no, it's not video from the amateur Soviet cycling academy.