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More Tales From the Cycling Media Arms Race

Courtesy of Velochimp, who notes that the Tour has created a Google Earth File of the entire Tour de France.

Update [2006-6-2 19:34:59 by chris]: Holy shit holy shit holy shit!!! Have you ever messed around with Google Earth? OMFGOMFGOMFG... You -- yes YOU! -- must go do this now. I'm a rank amateur at anything more than word processing, but here's what happened -- you have to download the Google Earth program (PC or Mac, the basic one is free) before it will work. Once you have it loaded, enter Tour de France in the search, and it will show up under "places", click the box and start following the route. I order you to do this right now! Actually, suit yourself, but it's unbelievably great! Seriously, there's so much more media this year that I now look on 2005 as sort of a late stone age.