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Another Great Memory: Stephen Roche in 1987

Actually, all I remember is being really excited. However, Friend-of-the-Cafe CBB VW has been doing great writeups of the top Tours, and here's 1987, all broken down for your consumption. A preview:

Delgado's lead over Roche was a scant 25 seconds and when the action started on La Plagne the elite's of the peloton proceeded nervously. Delgado needed significant time gains on the final two climbing stages to distance himself from skilled time trialer Roche. Numerous attacks thinned the numbers in the lead group until Laurent Fignon set a pace that few could follow. One by one the favorites fell off the group. Delgado was riding aggressively in the second group and was slowly increasing a 1'30" lead over a fading Roche. The Irishman's chance for overall victory was slipping away.