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T-Mob, Saunier Duval Squads

Der Jan's squad finally went public today on their website; press conference in Germany tomorrow or so. It looks awfully familiar: Giuseppe Guerini, Serhiy Honchar, Matthias Kessler, Andreas Klöden, Eddy Mazzoleni, Michael Rogers, Patrik Sinkewitz, Oscar Sevilla, and Jan Ullrich. They went out of their way to mention the exclusions of Linus Gerdemann and Bernhard Kohl, two U27 Project studs, both age 24. If T-Mob likes the way things have gone in the past, this is a very sensible squad, with lots of comfortably familiar characters surrounding Jan. Sinkewitz gets his shot at some Tour experience too. This squad doesn't do much for me, but I have no particular complaint either.

As for Saunier Duval, it's the interesting return of British ex-prodigy David Millar, the, enigmatic Gilberto Simoni, and a supporting cast of Jos? Angel Gomez Marchante, David Canada, David de la Fuente, Ruben Lobato, Francisco Ventoso, Riccardo Ricco and Christophe Rinero. Can you say "hunting for stage wins"?