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Musette du Jour

There's been very little nourishment out there to warrant a full feedbag lately, and Drew keeps scooping me on the drug news as it happens. We're awaiting the national championship races this weekend in most of the big European Cycling nations (Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden...) but otherwise the media is standing down, resting for the Tour.

The most interesting read out there is off-line: Cycle Sport just put out their Tour preview, which is mostly just another preview, but they offer a lot of grist for the transfer season rumor mill: Landis being heavily courted to come back home to Disco, Savoldelli being shunted aside and happily scooped up by Lampre (so that, interestingly, Cunego can focus on the Classics), and Ullrich moving over to Milram for his swan song. None of it may be true, but that's one way to sell magazines...

  • Pez links to some sort of audio Tour de France?!? Apparently it's the latest Carmichael training tool, for those of you who are planning to, um, ride the Tour de France.
  • T-Mob are heavily invested in Saturday's German championships. Don't look for Gerard Ciolek to defend his title on this Ardennes-style climbfest. T-Mob want a repeat from Kloden.
  • Over at the Paceline, Johan Bruyneel writes a nostalgic piece, definitely Update [2006-6-22 15:32:9 by chris]: not worth reading.