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The Podium Cafe Virtual DS Challenge: 48 Hours Left!

Clydesdale will have to update us on the current numbers, but I believe we were up over two dozen teams entered so far in the inaugural Podium Cafe Virtual Directeur Sportif Challenge. For more information, here's the entry link where you can read all about it, and enter your team (or enter it in the comments here too). What you need to know most of all is 1) it's free; and 2) the deadline is noon Wednesday Clydesdale time (EDT, right?).

Why this is gonna be great... Look, in the post-Lance world, it can be confusing to know what to expect or root for in the Tour. If you've pinned your rooting interest on a new American hero, or an Ullrich revival, or any other scenario, there's a solid chance you'll be looking around for some glimmer of light to salvage your Tour-watching experience. By adopting your own team, you'll create an entire alternate outcome to root for. Not only that, but you'll become invested beyond any rational measure in the race, from start to finish. And here at the Podium Cafe you can defend your team's honor in the presence of equally, ah, invested people. Rail against Oscar Pereiro's mediocre climb of the Joux-Plane. Taunt Drew for his reliance on lame French domestiques. Take a victory lap after another McEwen stage win. Seriously, it's better than being there.

Or not, we'll see. Anyway, here is a list of participants, in predicted order of finish:
1. Team Rundfahrt.
2-25. Everyone else.

See you in Strasbourg!