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Late Night Snack

Not enough for a daily feedbag... And anyway, if I have a gel shot right now, I'll be tossing and turning for hours.

  • Now I preface this remark by pointing out that I've been playing soccer and watching soccer since the Carter Administration.  I played in grade school, high school, college, law school, my late 20s, my mid-30s, men's league, coed, coaching... I love the World Cup and the sport in general. It's a beautiful game. But every time someone gets a pretend injury and writhes on the ground in apparent excruciating pain -- and I mean every time, no exaggeration -- my mind flashes back to Alessandro Petacchi finishing the stage of the Giro last month with a broken kneecap. I understand the gamesmanship involved in the fake fouls, but the contrast in dignity is striking, isn't it? Can I still love the game of soccer and lose all respect for the players? Guess I'll find out.
  • Oh, and I'm pretty sure Lance Armstrong is trying to kill me.