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Musette du Jour

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The level of chatter is reaching schoolyard proportions, and with two days off from the World Cup, things could get very noisy indeed. Today it's previews till you choke:

  • Eurosport has apparently written its preview, which you can read if they ever fix the link.
  • They're biased... but FWIW the Paceline offers its two cents.

More besides Jan vs. Ivan, on the flip:

  • The Official Tour Site has been running two interviews a day with the not-so-obvious faces of the race. Interesting stuff... this link is the most recent version, use the drop-down in the upper right corner to navigate.
  • Remember, the Tour organizers said only yesterday that they will not prejudge rumors implicating Jan Ullrich, merely because a newspaper published something. Nobody's guilty til proven, right?
Astana Wurth was refused participation in the Tour's team presentation, which is scheduled for Wednesday evening in Strasbourg. The Tour organisers are still against having the team in the race, but it will be up to the Court of Arbitration of Sport to decide whether it can race. A decision on that is expected on Friday at midday.

LeBlanc's name may have shifted over to the "emeritus" space, but ASO are still jerks.