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Open Thread

I'll be in transit for a bit, use this for updates and any other subjects not already covered.

Update [2006-6-30 17:3:15 by chris]: Hincapie talks to CNN, transcript via Pez.

Update [2006-6-30 15:16:9 by chris]: Astana Wurth are out!

Update [2006-6-30 13:24:1 by chris]: News Flashes Mancebo retires:

"When I attended the team's meeting on Friday morning, I already knew what was waiting for me," said team manager Vincent Lavenu. "After breakfast I knew everything. Mancebo told me then: I'm gone, I'm stopping.
Meanwhile, Riis says he pulled Basso to protect him from suspicion, not because he was guilty:
"If I let Ivan do the Tour, I can see all of you here - and there's a lot more outside - there will be no race for him, because he will be hunted, day and night. It won't be good for Ivan, it won't be good for the team, and it certainly won't be good for the sport."
Read the press conference coverage. Over at T-Mob, things are uglier:
Team CSC's position certainly differs from that of the T-Mobile Team, whose riders Jan Ullrich, Oscar Sevilla and sporting director Rudy Pevenage were suspended earlier this morning. As the case stands, there is enough evidence to prove all three lied, despite signing declarations of innocence concerning any relationship with doctor Eufemiano Fuentes or the Spanish doping affair.