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Ullrich: "I could cry"

Well, so could we.

Update [2006-6-30 18:11:49 by chris]: T-Mob site has Ullrich's semi-official reaction. They also have an interview with Christian Frommert, the T-Mob official who appears to have ordered the suspensions.

Some other updates (no real news):

  • The only content at the CSC site is more like a PR statement.

Quick reality check: I know I should be cynical by now, but some of the vehement denials coming out are not merely the vehement denials you always hear when someone is caught. Rather, they should serve as a reminder that all anyone has said is that these are the people whom the Spanish police believe were associating with Fuentes. Guilt of doping infractions is still an entirely separate matter -- and no doubt forthcoming in numerous cases, but not all. To me, Basso as a doper makes no sense, he's always been excellent and just steadily progressing as you'd expect a top rider... not suddenly, overnight killing the time trials. Ullrich also doesn't strike me as the type. But I know, you never know...