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Tour de wwweb

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There's more to the online resources than the traditional media we cycle through every day. Think about it: this is a medium where you can see the entire Earth, buy and sell everything, look at pictures that can get you fired, and so forth. Meanwhile, the Tour de France is one of the most high-profile sporting events in the world. Put these two elements together, and what do you get?

  • There's not a ton of information here, but apparently X-Box is launching a game called Tour de France. Just like the bike race... with way more explosions!
  • Have you ever heard of this film The Tour Baby? Is this a studio film, or some guy with a videocam and a month's vacation?
  • This page doesn't appear to have much to do with the Tour, but it does have cool Thai script.
  • You can't major in cycling, but at least at UToronto you can
    study the Tour
  • And finally, there are the links, in Dutch.