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Prologue Open Thread

OMFG... we're under 36 hours... Kind of seems unreal...

So let's open it up and see who the community thinks will grab the first yellow jersey.

A little look around: there's not much history to go by. The list of prologue winners in the new millenium includes Armstrong, McGee, Cancellara, and Moreau... and only Christophe Moreau will be lining up in Strasbourg (McGee is injured). Zabriskie won last year's opening time trial, which wasn't really a prologue, but bookmakers are installing him as an early favorite because he can do a short ITT, and his performance this year is better than ever. David Millar is also capable, though it's his first race in two years, and presumably first clean one in longer than that. Of the ITT kings (Jan, Ivan, Floyd, etc.), nobody comes to mind as the type to try for the win on Day 1. An outlier to watch: Bobby Julich.