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Podium Cafe Virtual DS Challenge: Make Changes Today!

Sorry if it's unseemly to turn to a frivolous subject in the midst of such a serious discussion, but we've put a lot of work into the Virtual DS Challenge and when the shock wears off it will still be fun. Obviously today's announcements have destroyed about 2/3 or more of the teams registered, since most people had Basso or Ullrich. Therefore:

I declare a 24-hour open season on making substitutions. Since the top riders are involved, the guys with the big point totals, I think we need to allow substitutions for more than the top riders to let people spend their points. Please, try not to redo your entire roster if you can, but I realize people may have little choice.

Here's the entry link with the rider point values.

Answers are due before the start of the Prologue. If anyone has entered and doesn't get this message in time (not everyone is online today perhaps? Although given the news...), we may try to allow very limited, late substitutions involving guys who haven't scored any points yet. But have mercy, be reasonable, and don't wait til next week. Thanks, we can recover and still have fun, I hope.